Our Story

The seed of E3 was sown in the winter of 2001 when The Daycroft School Foundation invited the Heads and Board members of schools based on the same spiritual principles to meet for the first time. They shared experiences, learned from each other, and reinforced what they already knew: that these schools have a vital role to play in the educational world. Nine schools were represented at that first meeting, from Australia, England, Grenada, and the United States. This informal group continued to meet from time to time over the next few years, and several new schools from Africa joined. Eventually, the schools formed a collegial association and began to discuss how they could support schools in developing countries.  Over time it became clear that a new organization was needed.

Fast forward to September 2011.  A small group of experienced and visionary educators met in Los Angeles to begin the process of forming a new non-profit organization that would be dedicated solely to supporting and establishing schools based on spiritual principles.  Over the next two years, the group sought advice from others with different skill sets and experiences, wrestled with policy questions, and after numerous meetings, phone calls, and emails, established a clear framework for a new organization. In the fall of 2013, E3: Elevating Education Everywhere was incorporated, and in 2014 the organization received its official non-profit status from the IRS.

E3 immediately began helping two schools,  one in the Congo and one in Kenya.  Since then, we have supported two additional programs, another in Kenya and one in the Philippines.   To learn more about these schools, go to Current School Partnerships.