Our Vision


Seeing students as children of God and helping them to express their natural goodness and unlimited ability makes a big difference.  Talents surface and character is strengthened.  Unexpected opportunity appears.   And students  find that they are able to do more and go farther than they ever thought possible.

We envision more and more schools based on the following universal spiritual principles springing up and flourishing around the world.

  • Each student is a child of God, created to express the Divine.
  • As an expression of the Mind that is God, every child is unlimited and free to express infinite intelligence and ability.
  • As a reflection God’s infinite goodness,  every child is purely good – honest, unselfish, kind, respectful.
  • Every child has a unique purpose and something to give to the world.

These principles are basic to Christian Science,  a recognized worldwide religion established over 150 years ago.  Schools that educate according to these spiritual precepts bless the children and their families, strengthen churches and communities, and play a role in elevating world thought. What could be more important?

Recent national test scores for Petals of Africa School in Kenya were in the top 5% of all schools in its district of about 350 schools.  Even better, Petals students are known in the area for “not cheating.”  Parents want to enroll their children in schools like Petals, not only for the academic standards, but also for the love and respectful atmosphere they find.

Helping schools like these is what E3 is all about.  It’s one of the best ways we can think of to help children and their families, to strengthen communities and ultimately whole countries.   It’s about elevating thought around the world.