News from The Dream

May 22, 2018

Rainy Season at the Dream

The rainy season is coming to an end in Kenya, but the torrential rains were particularly challenge at Dream this year. Classrooms flooded and school had to be cancelled for several days.    On a recent Monday, the teachers arrived to find muddy classrooms once again, but the students and teachers all happily pitched in to get the classrooms cleaned up.  Joseph Munene, the Head Teacher described it this way:  ” It rained heavily on Sunday evening and we woke up Monday morning to very muddy classes. But believe you me this Monday morning was the most inspiring I have ever experienced at the Dream. Instead of getting sorrowful and fearful about the condition, teachers and students joyfully and vigorously cleaned the classes and the office. Despite the chilly morning and muddy ground the children and teachers appreciated the condition. I want to assure you if you were here it would also be one of your inspiring moments.   Please do not worry about us since ‘Trials are proof of God’s care’.”

New Books!

Thanks to a generous donor,  the Dream was able to purchase all new learning materials for kindergarten through grade 3, the first roll-out of the new Kenyan curriculum.  The older children pitched in by covering the books so that they will last longer.

December 2017

Sponsor a Student at Dream!

Many of  the children at Dream Education Centre cannot afford to pay school fees.   You can help a child attend the school for just $240 a year, or a $20 monthly donation..  You’ll be ensuring that a child gets a good education, one nutritious meal each school day, and a lot of love.     One student recently wrote, ” I love the Dream because we live like a family and love and respect others.  Also, we help each other in times of need.”   For more information about the school, click here.

When you sponsor a child, you’ll receive a picture of the child and some background information.  In addition, you will receive several updates on the child’s progress, and if you’d like, you can occasionally send your own encouraging letter.  Please scroll down for pictures of students who are in need of a sponsor.  If there is a specific child  you’d like to help, just let us know by email    Or go to the Donate page, and when entering your payment information, you’ll find a place to send us a message.    .  Thank you!

Tayron Kimani – Class 2

A sleepy Bradley Osura – Youngest class



November 2017

Meet a few of the Dream teachers

From Caren:   “I decided to become a teacher because I love children.  Interacting with them every day makes me happy and feel fulfilled.  I like teaching at Dream because the teachers are friendly to each other.  We love each other and also work together as a team.”  Caren was able to have class instruction in Nigeria this summer.

From Grace:   On what she likes about Dream…”I like the humble nature of the pupils and the peaceful teaching environment being founded on a Christian Science basis.”    Grace loves Christian Science and being a member of The Mother Church.  She says, “God is Love.  He is life to me and a light to every path I tread.”

From Doris:  “I want to be a role model to the young ones and to encourage them to work extra hard in order to achieve what they want to be in life.”   Doris is new to Christian Science and says, “It has made me to understand error from truth.  I have discovered that man is the image of God and that man has never lost his spiritual estate.”

From Pauline: “I decided to become a teacher through reading inspirational books…My passion always is to work with children and change their lives as I was impacted positively.  ‘Everybody can make it’ keeps me encouraged always.  I feel my time is well-spent and enjoyable since the pupils are very lively because they always want to discover new ideas from teachers.  They are eager to know.  Some children go to an extent of writing very nice letters to me appreciating my efforts.  It’s interesting indeed!  I feel humbled at Dream.”

Computers Come to Dream

In 2017, Dream received a gift of 7 computers!   The students are receiving computer instruction, and you can tell from the photos that they are really engaged in learning.