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Be a part of something BIG!

Your talents, skills, enthusiasm, generosity and prayers are needed.  There are lots of ways to give.  Here are a few:

  • Sponsor a child.   Many of  the children at Dream Education Centre cannot afford to pay school fees.   For just $240 a year, you can help a student attend Dream.   You’ll be ensuring that a child receives a good education, one hot meal a day, and a lot of love.    For more information on how the sponsorship program works and to see photos of children who are in need of a sponsor,  click here.
  • Volunteer at a school.   Volunteering in a developing country is not easy, and it’s best done with a pure desire to serve.   The rewards, though, can be great!  It’s important to fit your talents and interests with the current needs of a school.
  • Provide computer, accounting, general office or other professional skills.  Having volunteer help in these areas allows E3 to put even more of its funds and energy into directly helping the children and teachers at E3 schools.
  • Tell your friends and family about E3.   E3 is a new organization, and sharing out story with others would be a big help.  Let people know about us!
  • Organize a fund-raising activity.   Every donation helps, no matter how small.  In a developing country,  dollars go a long way.   Imagine a private school tuition for $100 a year  or a school uniform for $20!
  • Pray for the world’s children and for stable and honest government.  This may be the most important contribution of all.   E3 schools are helping children learn the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and other Biblical lessons.   The character education the children receive stresses the importance of honesty, of giving back, and being contributing members of society.    These lessons need to be supported by the prayer that knows that each child is a child of God.

For information about sponsoring a child or with any other questions or ideas,  please email us at

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