What’s New at Happy Toes?

May 22, 2018

Baguio Church Dedication

The members of the Happy Toes Board are all members of the Baguio City church, which in March dedicated its beautiful new edifice.   Be sure to read the special dedicatory message by the First Reader.

February 2018

Happy Toes is growing!   The program started modestly in one beautifully equipped room with just a few children.    It has recently moved into a new space, with a room for play and a room for quiet learning and resting.  More children have enrolled, and Happy Toes has added group learning activities.  Check out their beautiful space and their beautiful children!


Why Happy Toes is Growing – It’s about values.

The staff at Happy Toes has had two gratitude meetings with parents, kids and staff.  Here’s a report from the first gratitude meeting.   Enrollment began to increase after that meeting.

“We had our first parent-kids-staff gratitude party in the spring. That was an amazing opportunity to be with the parents and share our principles with them. We shared that we see their kids with unlimited intelligence and that they bloom at their own pace like a flower. We also gave emphasis on character building. We not only teach these children the ABC’s and numbers but we get to share essential values and life skills they need as they grow, such as fixing their toys (orderliness), waiting for their turns (patience), and social skills. Also, each parent had the chance to give their feedback. They appreciated our principles. One parent said that psychology may give us developmental milestones which are helpful but for her, for us to see her child having unlimited capacities is uplifting. Another parent told us that she noticed a change in her daughter.  Her child fixes her own toys at home and even tells her siblings to do the same. Furthermore, we encouraged one another to help each other in bringing up our kids to be productive citizens of the community.”

Happy Toes is building on a solid foundation!