Petals of Africa Update

May 22, 2018

New girls dorm complete!

Sisters’ Haven, the new girls dorm at Petals, is finished.    The school is now compliant with government regulations, and the girls have a beautiful new place to call their “home away from home.”   Richard Smith, a faithful friend of Petals, was there to help with the ribbon-cutting.    One wing of the dorm was named for Hon. Caren Wema, Petals Treasurer, and the other for Hellen Ambugo, whose husband Jared donated the land for the school.



Septic System Underway

It’s not very glamorous, but Petals is also getting a septic system.   This, too, is essential for the children’s and teachers’ well-being.   The project has been held up because of the torrential rains Kenya has experienced this spring, but work will resume as soon as the ground dries out.

December 6, 2017

New Girls Dorm

Petals broke ground for a new girls dorm on November 11th.   The dorm is essential in order for the school to comply with government safety regulations.   There will also be new toilet and bath facilities for the girls and a new septic system for the school.   Along with the school’s good academic record, these progressive changes will attract more paying students.   We’ll be posting new pictures as they come in.

December 17  New Photos



Groundbreaking – November 11th


The school is now cultivating two maize fields and both are doing well.   Because the last harvest was so good, the school was able to supply all its own maize for the third term.

Good Results from Secondary School Students

Petals graduates have just returned home from their high schools, and most brought their report cards with them.   One boy, Silvans Abanga, who has just finished Form 1 (9th grade), is #2 in his class of  392 students. Vivian Akinyi is #7 out of 257 students in her Form 3 class, and Mitchelle Atieno is #9 out of 325 students in her Form 2 class.   The majority of Petals graduates are  at least in the top half of their classes.   Here is Mitchelle, who attends Kapsabet Girls School.   Petals hopes to open its own high school within the next 3-4 years so that graduates can stay in the same moral and spiritual atmosphere that Petals provides.

March 2017

Pictures from our most recent trip to Kenya

The first picture is of Emily Akirapa, Petals Head Teacher, who was able to attend class instruction in Nigeria this summer.  The last picture is of the new teacher housing,