School Partnerships


E3 is currently working with four school programs in three countries:

Petals of Africa School in Kenya

Groupe Scolaire La Tendresse in Congo

Dream Education Centre in Kenya

Happy Toes Haven Childcare in the Philippines

Our assistance takes various forms, depending on the specific needs of the school.  It could mean providing guidance for character education programs, helping to fund safe and secure facilities, assisting a school with ideas and expertise for income-producing projects, or ensuring that teachers are paid on time as a school works towards financial independence.   Occasionally we ask for contributions for special projects at these schools, such as purchasing computers or other needed equipment.  You can see photographs and learn more about the schools we are currently working with on these pages.

What makes a school eligible for E3 support?  There are three main categories that are summarized below.

  • E3 schools welcome children of all faiths or no faith, and they do not proselytize. However, the basic spiritual principles and Christian values that form the basis of the school must be clear to all constituencies, with the Head of School, the majority of Board members and key faculty members being active church members.
  • Administration: Schools must be non-profit, operate with financial accountability and transparency, maintain governing documents with clear responsibilities, and prepare a viable plan for the school’s long term financial stability.
  • Education: Schools must have a defined, recognized curriculum that meets established local/national requirements, maintain standards of academic excellence, and provide on-going professional development for teachers. Character education must be a part of all activities of the school.