Dream Education Centre (Kenya)

Dream Education Centre is a small school with a big vision!   Located in an under-served area of Nairobi, it aims to give disadvantaged children an education that brings hope for the future. As the Head Teacher explains, “We help them see the shanties they leave every morning as a launching ground, and their education at The Dream Education Centre as their  ‘rocket ship’ that will eventually take them through high school and one day, college, and enable them to be active change-agents in the world.”

The Dream Education Centre was born when its predecessor, The Sunrise of Africa School, built a new campus in the Nairobi suburbs where land was more affordable. When it became too difficult to maintain two campuses, Sunrise’s Waithaka campus was closed.  Joseph Munene, Deputy Head Teacher at the time, along with a handful of other teachers, could not imagine sending the children back to their slum existence with no hope for an education.  And so the Dream Education Centre was born.  Why the name Dream?  Because the school was designed “to help each student to fulfill his or her dream and become a strong and vital contributing member of the global community.”

Dream exposes its students to possibilities, broadens their experiences, and gives them the motivation and tools to succeed in life.  Children also gain a practical understanding of God’s love for them.   One parent puts it this way: “The greatest thing about The Dream Education Centre is the Christian values they teach our children.  The school itself if Love.  That is why the pupils excel so much, including my son.”

E3 currently provides some funding to Dream for the rent and for teacher salaries.  Recently, alumni from Daycroft School donated money for laptop computers.