Ngochoni Petals of Africa School (Kenya)

“The Healing School”

Situated on the boundary between two tribes, the Luo and Kuria, Petals has been called “the healing school” because it has been instrumental in bringing these two formerly warring tribes together.  The area was once considered “dead” because of the discord and violence, but when the school opened, things began to change. People began moving back to the area, and a Christian Science Society sprang up just down the road.   Children from both tribes now attend Petals, and representatives from both tribes serve on the school Board and attend the church.  Petals is widely credited with bringing harmony to the  area,  and it stands as a beacon of progress in the community.

Started in 2001 by a youth outreach group in Nairobi, Petals is located in rural western Kenya near the Tanzanian border on beautiful property donated by Jared Ambugo.  It is a primary day and boarding school currently serving approximately 260 students.  Students do very well on national testing, consistently outranking most other schools in the district.   This success is particularly noteworthy since the school lacks most standard educational materials and facilities are substandard.   One important note: Petals students are known in the community for not cheating on the exams.

E3 is taking an active role in furthering the progress and future of Petals.   Building on the success that Petals has already enjoyed, we are helping with much-needed improvements in infrastructure and curriculum.  Recently, the school finished building accommodations for teachers, and now that electricity has come to the area, we are providing the school with computers.  Future plans include sponsoring teacher workshops for professional development and a new girls dormitory.  E3 works closely with the school’s board, particularly on finding ways for the school to become financially sustainable.  Petals owns farmland that provides a portion of the school’s food, and the school has recently opened a small store to serve the community.