Happy Toes Haven (Philippines)

Happy Toes Haven Childcare is the vision of an active and dedicated group of spiritual thinkers and educators in Baguio City, Philippines.  For some time, they have wanted to open a school  for children in their Sunday School and the surrounding community.   In 2015, two educators from Baguio spent 3 months at the Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, to learn all they could about the various aspects of running a successful school program.

As the group prayed for guidance and took steps to find property and the funds necessary  to open a school, it became clear that a good first step would be to open a childcare center.  And so, in 2016, Happy Toes opened its doors.   After the group clarified what makes Happy Toes unique and began to share those values with parents, enrollment began to grow, and more children and parents are taking advantage of the safe, loving atmosphere that Happy Toes provides.  Recently Happy Toes moved into a larger space, and they are adding a group learning program that

The E3 Board visited with the Baguio group in 2015, and Board member Sholto Bowen returned in 2016 to offer support and encouragement.  E3 has provided some initial financial backing while Happy Toes meets its goal of becoming financial self-sustaining.  Recently Happy Toes moved to a larger space and is adding a “group learning” program, which will give 3-5 year olds preparation for kindergarten.