Worldwide Family of Schools

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Schools that base their education on spiritual precepts and Christian values are located around the world.   All schools in this worldwide family of schools have similar aims and convictions, though each one serves its particular community in its own special way. E3 is pleased to be in touch with all these schools, and we are currently partnering with several schools in developing countries.


Dream Education Centre

Nairobi, Kenya

Les Ecoles du Coeur

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Groupe Scolaire La Tendresse

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Petals of Africa School

Ngochoni, Kenya

Sunrise of Africa School

Nairobi, Kenya

Happy Toes Haven Childcare

Baguio, Philippines

Huntingtower School

Melbourne, Australia

Claremont Fan Court School

Esher, Surrey, England

Berkeley Hall School

Los Angeles, CA

Branch School

Houston, TX

Clairbourn School

Pasadena area, CA

Japhet School

Detroit area, MI

Link School

Buena Vista, CO

Principia School

St. Louis, MO

Stronghold School Systems

Ventura, CA